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'Reliving Aquaculture's Once-Prominent Role in Manatee County' at Bradenton Herald

"Manatee County also has a history of ornamental tropical fish aquaculture. In the mid-late 20th century, there were several fish farms in the area. One was owned by Ross Socolof."

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ROSS SOCOLOF by Heiko Bleher

I want to write a few words about this unforgettable Fish Man as I got to know him, a little about our work together and our friendship which grew from the very begin nearly a half a Century ago.... I will never forget when we first met 47 years ago. I had come to America to work and study.

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OBITUARY from Pet Age

In the 1960s, Socolof worked with a small group of fish experts to found the American Cichlid Association (Decatur, Ga.) and he was instrumental in creating an endowment fund to support cichlid research. Socolof also authored Confessions of a Tropical Fish Addict, published in 1996, part autobiography and part history of the tropical fish industry in the United States from post-World War II through 1980.

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